Isaiah’s First Cubs Game

Cubs OutfitYesterday I had the privilege of accompanying Isaiah to his first professional baseball game.  Though I haven’t traditionally been a Cubs fan, there are some reasons to become one.  Since we live in Chicago I figure Isaiah is bound to like either the Cubs or White Sox.  Since I’m a Twins fan and the White Sox are in the Twins division, that’s not an option, therefore, Go Cubs!  We even had proper attire for Isaiah to rock!

We missed the train in Aurora, so we decided to try our luck driving downtown.  Isaiah was perplexed as to why the train would leave us, but he got over it pretty quickly (more quickly than his dad!).  We got downtown in great time and miraculously found a place to park on the street for free.  From there we hopped on the L-train to get to Wrigleyville.  Isaiah loved the fact that we had to go in a tunnel to get on the train, but he wasn’t so thrilled about the decibel level.

We got to go to the game with our good friends Joe and Ezra Reed.  Isaiah was pumped to see Ezra and they spent most of their time at Giardano’s playing with cars.  I don’t know how many times Joe or I had to crawl under the table to retrieve a lost roadster.  Here they are passing the time until the pizza comes.  The is where the story of God’s blessing on us this day begins.  Ezra had thrown up twice the night before, but was cleared by a doctor to make the trip.  Despite throwing up he felt pretty good and said he really wanted to go to the Cubs game.  On the way he threw up three times and Joe almost turned back.  The end of that part of the story is lots of people were praying for him, and despite eating pizza, string cheese, and dried fruit, he did great from noon until that night back at home where he threw up on the back porch!  We were so thankful he could make it through the day and enjoy it.

Isaiah and Ezra at Giardano\'s

Second great thing.  As Isaiah and I were walking to the game (Joe and Ezra had to find a different place to park) a guy stopped me and offered me tickets.  I thought he was trying to sell them to me, so I declined, but he just wanted to give them away.  I took them, but there were only two so I figured I’d give them to someone else.  A block and a half later a guy pulled up, rolled down his window, and handed me 4 tickets for free!  He said they were good ones so we figured we’d see if these or our original tickets were better.  Well, these were better.  We ended up in the third row between third base and the Cubs bullpen.  These are by far the best seats I’ve ever had and probably the best Isaiah or Ezra will ever have!  The guys behind us told us that our seats are being auctioned online for next year and are going for $70,000 a seat.  That may not be face value, but we basically had $875 seats!!

Isaiah at the Bullpen

Cubs Players

Third great thing.  Joe and I got to have a great bonding experience with our sons.  I know they got bored with the baseball, but I think this will be a great memory for all of us.

Joe and Ezra

Fourth great thing.  They were predicting storms for the afternoon.  On the contrary, we had cool temperatures and sunny skies, it really was PERFECT weather.  In the shade it was pretty cold, but we were in the sun until two outs before we left! 

Isaiah and Trevor

It was a great day and very tiring for both our kids.  They fell asleep on the way home.

Isaiah Sleeping

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  1. This story and pix have MADE MY DAY!! Is it possible that I have the privilege of being Isaiah’s grandpa? That kid is awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing. Love you guys…..

  2. All I can say is my son is not going to be a Cubs fan!! HA HA! Hopefully we can steer him in the right direction…DODGERS!! What great memories.

  3. Awesome day man… thanks for coming with us… and scoring those amazing tickets.

  4. Great pictures of a great day. Thanks for sharing – I’m shopping now for Dodgers attire in Isaiah’s size!! Love and hugs to you all.

  5. Lydia smiled when she saw Isaiah. She’s going to some Rockies games, but being able to grow up in Chicago-land as a Cubs fan is a legacy. You are wonderful parents for giving that to your kids.

  6. DODGERS? CUBS? don’t forget the little guys roots! GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!
    ha i win

  7. So, I guess the lesson learned is that Isaiah needs to go to every Cubs game from now on to score us some great tickets. Noted.

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