At Long Last

StarbucksThough I have spent my mornings working feverishly on my computer in Starbucks for the last six months, there are a couple things that have made me toy with the idea of going elsewhere.  One was the fact that I have to pay to use the internet.  Apparantly this will soon be rectified.  They are going from TMobile to ATT, and with the change the internet will be free to ATT customers.  The downside of this is I have to become an ATT customer.

The other thing I wanted was free refills on coffee.  Especially since I like to get my coffee in a mug, which is lidless, and makes the coffee cool wicked-fast.  But now, when you register a Starbucks card and use it to buy your overpriced liquids, you can get free refills on coffee!  You also can get free milk and syrup.  We run out of milk fast in my house, so I’m thinking I’ll just take some cups of milk home for free with my new card.  Find out more here.

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