Top 5 Ways Weatherpeople and Psychics are Alike

  1. Both try to predict the future and get it wrong more often than right.  (Which is why I walked out into the 60 degree weather this morning with a winter coat on).
  2. Both employ the widest generalities possible so they can find a way to pretend they were right.  Sometimes even this backfires.  Michelle and I watched a few episodes of Here Come the Newlyweds, a show about newly married couples who were recently married, and in one of the episode they brought in a psychic.  She started to throw a few things she “saw” out there to establish some credibility.  This was highlighted by her telling one woman she saw pictures of her in a Christening dress and a first communion–followed by the woman saying–“That’s interesting since I’m Jewish.”
  3. Both have people basing their lives on faulty info.
  4. People are not usually willing to question either one.  Like me–despite wearing a winter coat in 60 degree weather today, I’m wondering, “I wonder what the weather will be like this weekend, maybe I should look it up on!
  5. I’m out.  Someone else have a 5th?

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