Quotable: Hannah More

This quotation is by a woman named Hannah More who gave up life among the elite in the late eighteenth century to live a life seeking God and helping to end the slave trade.

“If a surgeon were to put into the hand of a wounded patient the probe or the scapel, how tenderly would he treat himself! How skin-deep would be the examination, how slight the incision! The patient would escape the pain, but the wound might prove fatal. The surgeon therefore wisely uses his instruments himself. He goes deep perhaps, but not deeper than the case demands. The pain may be acute, but the life is perserved.

Thus Him whose hand we are, is too good and loves us too well to trust us with our own surgery. He knows that we will not contradict our own inclinations, that we will not impose on ourselves any voluntary pain, however necessary the infliction, however healthful the effect. God graciously does this for us Himself because otherwise he knows it would never be done.”

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  1. Only thing I can think to say is….DANG! So true. what a vivid picture of our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ! Now we need to have faith beyond measure! Help us trust you Lord!

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