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Mark BeforeMark AfterMichelle and I have been watching The Biggest Loser this season.  On the negative side, the host’s commentaries must assume they have a 3 year old audience because she states the obvious, restates it, and then they play it back after the commercials just for good measure.  I won’t go into an example here, you can check it out.  On the flip side, it really is amazing to see the bonds that are formed among the contestants in the context of this huge life change (there’s a post on the bonds that can be formed among believers in the context of mission there!) and the ways they change that have nothing to do with weight. 

One of the biggest changes this year has been with a guy named Mark.  At the beginning of the season he was a complete jerk who was hated by almost everyone in the house.  But as he’s lost weight that tough, cocky veneer has melted away too and he has become a genuinely caring man.  He’s still competitive, just like he was at the beginning, but he does it with an attitue of encouragement toward everyone else too.

Last night the public was given the task of voting on who the third finalist will be for the $250,000 prize.  The vote is between Mark and another guy named Roger (who has changed too, and he’s lost 144 pounds in four months, but his change doesn’t compare with Mark’s).  So I’m encouraging everyone to get on and vote for Mark!

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