Cold Calling Snakes

I have an unnatural fear of cold calls.  It all goes back to when I worked for admissions at my alma mater and had to make quite a few calls to people who had requested information about the school.  I think what they means in requesting the information was, “Can I have a free t-shirt or something and don’t call me!!”  So many of those calls were so uncomfortable–it felt like I was invading their private space or something, and I’ve never gotten over it.

So now I have to make calls for the after-school program I lead.  Not many–and the calls should excite me because they hold the potential of more students for the program who I will get the chance to work with.  But despite the excitement I should have, my heart still beats faster and I wish I was doing anything but calling.  I think cold calls and snakes are my greatest phobias (and my son informed me to day that nice snakes are his favorite animal!)

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  1. dude… I HEAR that!!!

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