My Crazy Daughter

Yesterday Michelle was trying to feed Ayla some yogurt.  She got a spoonful of yogurt, put it up to Ayla’s mouth and Ayla said “self.”  Okay, Michelle was more than happy to not sit there and feed our nearly two year old child, so she put the spoon down so Ayla could pick it up.  Ayla started to look upset and said “help.”  Fine, Michelle thought, I’ll feed you–so she picked up the spoon to feed her.  Now Ayla started getting really mad and started to cry.  She half-screamed “self!”  So once again Michelle put the spoon down and Ayla, now getting hysterical cried, “help!!”

 This continued back and forth until Ayla was a shambles.  If she can’t make up her mind about eating yogurt, imagine what we’re facing when she turns 15 (or 3)!!

About Big Tasty

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