Back At It

This marks the beginning of the sixth blog I’ve attempted in my life.  A couple have been for ministries (including the Infuse blog, which is still up and running), one was with my brother (which was fun while it lasted), one was even to try and eat more healthy (not a rousing success)–this one is meant to be a place to discuss and process where I’m at in life.  I suppose some of the time I’ll just be processing with myself, I hope other times what I write resonates with others and they join in processing with me.  The big things going on in my life right now are being a husband and father, continually growing into my faith and learning what it looks like, figuring out how to lead a different form of church, working with high school students, and trying to grow in discipline.  There are also lots of little things that will pop up from time to time.

 I’ve missed blogging in the past year or so.  The main reason I miss it is that I love to write, and here I don’t have to write well enough to have anyone else like it.  Writing is a great way for me to process and blogging has helped me to grow in the past, so I’m back at it.

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